In December of 2010 after the election, XI extraordinary session of Azerbaijani Parliament –Milli Majlis was held and the election results were analyzed. A new program of SDPA has been adopted in recent years.  Our party also took part in several conferences. Although we had some financial problems, 89 % of our members are unemployed and we receive any financial aid neither from the country nor outside the country, we achieved to preserve the party.

Most of the members of the party are the heads of NGOs. They get grants from different funds, but neither in the period of membership nor after it, they haven’t contributed to the party. Generally, according to the law of Azerbaijan Republic on “Political Parties”, any financial aid from other countries mustn’t be delivered to the political parties. The law put on the discussion, but hasn’t still been adopted by the parliament shows that the political parties will be financed by the government. Next parliamentary elections will be held in 2015. In last 5 years SDPA submitted several legislative projects on improving financial provision for pensioners, large families, providing preparation to the universities of the children belonging to the families with low income, the transition from conscription to contractual military service. Unfortunately, these projects are waiting for their turn in respective committees. Our party members delivered speeches over the private and online TV channels and radios, on web sites and different press organizations and conveyed their views to our people during a year and a half.

The process of changing party cards started in 2009 and at present the party has 3187 members. At the moment, financial condition of the party is satisfactory

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