In late 60s of the last century when another ideology, except communism was prohibited, the students of the faculty of Law and Oriental Studies who adored the Social-Democratic ideology established a club called “Willy Brandt’s Friends. In 1988 when the separatist movement started in Garabagh, the activity of this club was restored by Araz Alizadeh, the chairman of the club of “Willy Brandt’s Friends”, after he had been released and returned from the exile. This group for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan conducted rallies on 16 and 18 May, 1988, the first comprising 10 thousand, and the latter 300 thousand people. The main goal of the group was to convey the reality about Garabagh and the struggle against totalitarian regime. On December 10, 1989 the Social-Democratic Group of Azerbaijan announced itself as a political party and was registered on June 24, 1990, though the 6th article of the USSR Constitution stipulated the single-party system. It was the result of the activity of the first president of Azerbaijan on the way of democracy.

          The Social-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan was represented by 15 candidates in the parliamentary elections held in 1990, in which three of them polled enough votes to be returned, but the results of the elections were annulled in that election. In the re-election of 1991 Araz Alizadeh, the chairman of the party was returned and became the member of the Supreme Soviet. In 1995 the party was reregistered.

For the first time, Araz Alizadeh represented the Social-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan in the congress of the Socialist International held in Istanbul in 1991. The Social-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan firstly became the observative, then associative and finally consultative member of this organization.

The 10th Congress of the Social-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan was held in 2008.

In 2010 the Social-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan nominated only 4 candidates because of the poor financial conditions. Two of them – Araz Alizadeh and Khanhuseyn Aliyev were registered and polled enough votes, but other candidates were announced MPs. In connection with the results of the elections the 11th extraordinary Congress was held in 2010.

The Socialist International Committee for the CIS, the Caucasus and the Black Sea held a meeting in Baku in October of 2010.

In last 5 years SDPA submitted several legislative projects on improving financial provision for pensioners, large families, providing university preparation for the children from families with low income. Unfortunately, these projects are waiting for their turn in respective committees.

At present the party has 3187 members. The law on ex-presidents was passed by Azerbaijani Parliament- Milli Majlis and after President Ilham Aliyev’s signing, the first president of Azerbaijan, co-chairman of SDPA (since August, 2003) has returned to the Motherland. It makes us happy, but at the same time sad, because he declared that he had left politics.

Taking it into account and presidential elections of 2013, SDPA held extraordinary XII Congress on 30 June, 2012. 15 people from 7 foreign countries and the representatives of sister parties took part in that Congress. Amendment to the main Regulations of the party has been made. Thus, co-chairmanship institute which lasted from 1989 till 1995 was declared to be replaced withchairmanship institute. Mr.Araz Alizade was elected chairman of the party.

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