I think

 In my opinion, we are on the threshold of big changes in political life of opposition. At first everyone who considers himself to be offended, gathered in Civic chamber: two years they gathered, put forward "ideas",  promised Azerbaijan democracy, and to the people - to bring it to a way of the happy future.  And they saw the happy future in flowers of national democracy and in the slogan: "We - great, trust in us, we will come to the power and everything we will make as it is necessary". Generally, there were empty words. 

Then there appeared "intellectuals", from where appeared how appeared … it isn't known. They also met, also talk and did clever face as they can solve every problem. Speech wasn’t as in Civic Chamber, because their speech was literate.  Some of them were the author of clever books, some of them even shoot movie, there were scientists among them and because of it they consider themselves as intelligentsia. They are intelligentsia and they will be an intelligentsia, but they are Soviet intelligentsia.  You know how it was in Soviet Union. You got diploma from university- you are intelligentsia, wrote some poems- you are intelligentsia, and if you published your book you are “great intelligentsia”.  They should understand that intelligentsia is the state of mind, and you can not give diploma for mind state.  Intelligent person should respect other people, should do what he thinks is right. But we have strange intelligentsia today- got position, mandate,  state award, apartment and whatever government do they just keep calm. Just try to take something from them they will begin to cry that teher is no democracy in the country.  It is strange- everyone says that we need personnel changes.  Personnel changes it is when someone is taken from some position and other one comes to this position.  Whom can you take away? As they are taken away from position they become oppositionist. Minister was removed –  he became the oppositionist.  He was given mandate and he became silent. Got mandate, was sitting ten years in parliamentary, then he wasn’t given mandate, then again became opposition. And this is intelligentsia. Intelligentsia? I think, no.  

Many similar organizations were created. The last one appeared nowadays.They call themselves National Council.  First they said that there will be 51 people. Some clever people refused to enter into it. Then they conferred and stopped on 129. Some of them are dissasfied that they weren’t included there. They promised to increase number of members of the National Council soon. In my opinion they go by the principle of Nov. As it is known there was one pair of every alive creature. But if you watch attentively there the same faces in National Soviet as in Civil Chamber, in Forum of Intelligentsia, etc.    

The only new face in Azerbaijan politics is Rustam Ibrahimbekov. But he was offended. They took back land that was given to him and he became an opposition. It is pity! Because he could make more in his profession thatn in National Soviet.

National Soviet sounds as “Milli Shura” in azeri language. Once such kind of “Milli Shura” was palmed off to Ayaz Mutalibov at 91. Such kind of “Soviet” was palmed off to arabiand and as a result they didn’t get not only democract but also they lost lost stability and were ruined.  

I don’t think that new “ Milli Shura” will give something to azeri nation.


I think Im right

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