Abbasov Sahib Abbas

Was born in 1952 in Agdash. In 1970 he graduated from secondary school Agdash. In 1971 he graduated from faculty of “Plant Protection” of “College of Agriculture”, in 1976 graduated from biology faculty of “Baku State University”.

In 1976-1978 he was working a teacher in Agdash school № 5. In 1979-1985 he was working an inspector in Agdash “Department of education”.

In 1978 he began his postgraduate study in “Institute of Genetics and Selection” of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR and till 1985 he was working a researcher in "Technical and feed information" department. 

In 1986 he defended dissertation about  “The effect of ultraviolet radiation to seeds” and took the grade of  PhD.

In 1986-1997 he was working a director of “Elite seed farm”, at the same time he was a seed grower   coordinator of one sort of  cotton “Agdash-3”.

In 1997-2003 he was working a head of Agdash Biology Laboratory, in 2005-2010 – a director of  Agdash Laboratory of Cotton Seed Control Station.

Currently he is a pensioner.

Since 1990 he has been a member of the ASDP. In 1991 he established ASDP Agdash region committee with Agdash intellectuals and always was it’s chairman. On Party’s Congress XII, which was held in 2012, he was elected as a member of ASDP’s Central Committee. He is a member of ASDP Central Committee Bureau.

He is married and has six children.

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