Allahverdiyev Saladdin Khosrov

Was born on February 11, 1951 in Ganja (former Kirovabad). He graduated from high school in 1969. He has high education. In 1973 he graduated from Historical Faculty of Azerbaijan Pedagocical Institute. In 1973-1993 he was working as a teacher, school director in Lankaran by destination, and also worked on position of directo of "Lankaran Intellectual House".

Since 1993 he was human rights defender, since Since 2000 he is the President of the non-governmental organization "Assembly of the Peoples of Azerbaijan". Since 1994 he is a member of ASDP.

Over this years he was elected as the deputy chairman of ASDP, member of ASDP CC. He participated in various international conferences.

On Party’s XII Congress he was elected as a Deputy of the Legal Affairs of ASDP, member of  Central Committee of ASDP. Member of ASDP Central Committee Bureau.

He is married, has two children and five grandchildren.

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