Alizade Nushaba Mammad Mubariz

Was born on April 27, 1943 in Baku. In 1950 she went to school № 132, now by H.Javid and in 1960 graduated from this school.   

In 1960 she entered the faculty of Oriental Studies in BSU, in 1965 graduated from this faculty with honors diploma.

In 1965 she began to make her postgraduate study in Iraninan philology at Oriental Studies Institue Academy by Z.Bunyadov. In 1969 she finished her postgraduation education. In 1970  she worked in Iraninan philology at Oriental Studies Institue Academy by Z.Bunyadov as a head laboratory, junior researcher, senior researcher. Currently working as a senior researcher at this institute.

In 1973 she got the grade of Doctor of Philosophy.

 N.M.M.Alizade has been working at Iran Philology faculty of Iraninan philology at BSU since 1993.

Her monograph by name “Prose of Bozorg Alavi”, methodological resources “Gulustan” by “Sadi Shirazi”,  “Persian literature” methodological resources for  bachelor (with co-edition of prof. Mammad Mubariz Alizade) were published. N.Alizade is the author of till 60th scientific articles about persian literature. This pulishes These scientific works were devoted to study of Persian prose and actual problems.

In 2003 she confirmed her subject of his doctoral named “Azerbaijan-Iran relations in twentieth-century literary, artistic, poetic translations” and in reault of reserces of this work published several yearbooks. She attended several times international conferenses in Baku, Iran, acted with speech on different conferences.

She is a member of the party since its inception.

On Party’s Congress XII,which was held in 2012, she was elected as a chairman deputy, member of Central Committee, and she was elected as a chairman of “Woman Social Democratic Organization”. Member of ASDP Central Committee Bureau.


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